So I just got a Kestrel Talon 2015 Road Bike…Here’s what I think about it!

When it comes to road bikes there is hardly any road bike that is better than the Kestrel Talon 2015. It is simply one of the best road bikes you can own. One of the best things about this road bike is that even though it has almost all the top features you will want, it is still quite affordable. Below I have covered all the details about the Kestrel Talon 2015 that you should know.


Body / Frame

The first and foremost thing that will catch your eye is the body of this bike. The Kestrel Talon 2015 looks absolutely amazing in its new 2015 colours. The body of the bike is of black colour while the handles are in red. The tubes of the bike now support an angular look which has been taken from the more expensive road bikes. The saddle of the bike is placed on an aerodynamic stem which seems to go through the air with relative ease.

The size of the Kestrel Talon r2015 road bike is 48cm, 52cm, 55cm, 57cm, 60cm. The main body of the bike is made up of 700K Carbon Fibre with Derailleur Hanger that can be replaced too. The rear triangle of the bike is made up of 700K Carbon Fibre with Derailleur Hanger that you can change.

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The Kestrel Talon 2015 road bike features the Oval Concepts 327 wheel set. The tires of this road bike are Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700 x 23c Folding tires. The wheels of this road bike are quite good.

They are neither too flashy nor too basic and give the road bike a good look that I am sure you will like. The wheels of this bike are alloy instead of carbon but when it comes to performance they perform really well.

The wheels help ensure that you get a smooth relaxing ride and the tires help you get an excellent grip making sure you remain safe on the road. The wheels of this road bike are good even for triathlons. The rims are 23mm in depth and 22mm wide.

The Aero bar Feature

This latest Kestrel Talon bike supports Oval Concepts clip on aero bars and a base bar mainly for triathlons. This makes it an ideal cycle not just for roads but also for triathlon in case that’s what you need this bike for.

It also comes with an 11 speed FSA Metron bar end shifters along with a Shimano 105 gear system which ensures that you are able to change gears with ease.

All these parts make sure your ride remains tension free and that maintenance needed is less. That’s a good thing because not everyone can repair their own bikes.


If you want a road bike that can also be a good triathlon bike and that too at an affordable cost then the Kestrel 2015 is not a road bike you should miss out on. This bike will cost you around $1549 which is actually cheap when compared to some other bikes.

7 Easy Ways to Lose the Holiday Weight

holistic weight loss_feature

If you thought dieting and exercise were the only thing required to lose weight, you’re wrong. Yes they are 2 really important components of every weight loss strategy but apart from that there various other things too that you can do. Now, I’ve read about supplements like Phen375, but I’m not sure that’s the way a lot of you might wanna go. There are always considerable side effects to weight loss medication like these.

Below in this article I have covered 5 unique techniques to help you lose weight.

Be Positive about food control

Most of us usually see food as a medium of self-control but what you need to keep in mind is that such a thing usually results in a weight problem instead of being the solution, making it even harder for you to actually lose weight. In many cases parents use food as a medium to teach their young ones discipline, control etc. and it is very likely that their child may grow up to be obese and they only way to get rid of this kind of thing is by being positive. Words such as, you can Control you eating or something like your urge for a snack will go away can help instil a positive behaviour thus improving the way you look at food.

Do Meditation

You may not believe it initially but Meditation does to some extent help reduce weight. Meditation is really helpful because once you start practicing it on a regular basis you will be able to observe emotions that you never really noticed in the past. For example, Meditation can help you deal with sadness in a better way rather than just eating, it can also help you realise when you’re hungry and when you’re actually not. Meditation helps you get rid of issues like overeating which in turn helps you lose weight.


Psychotherapy will help you alter your behaviour which in turn will help you reduce your weight. CBT which stands for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is more about modifying your behaviour in a way that you are able to attain certain goals like weight loss and less about searching for the cause of your behaviour. A cognitive behaviour therapist will help you change certain problematic behaviours with more productive ones. For example you may no longer thing about eating when you’re sad or you may look at weight loss as more of a health related thing rather than just to look good. These methods can be really strong weight loss methods.

Monitor yourself as much as possible

To monitor yourself, one thing you can do is maintain a journal. Apart from that make sure you indulge in other self-monitoring methods because it will help you stay informed about what you eat and why or why not you should be eating it. It often happens that once you realise what all you eat throughout the day you may prefer not to eat again on a particular day or may even reduce certain things which will help you lose weight. So make sure you monitor yourself on a regular basis.


This is more important than you may think because thinking about how you may look or feel when you’re thin will help you stay motivated thus ensuring that you continue to work towards achieving your weight loss goals.

On Making Diet Plans and How to Stick To em

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Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

When it comes to plastic surgeries one name that definitely pops up in the mind is Emily Maynard. In case you dont know who Emily Maynard is yet note that shes is a TV personality and shot to fame after her role in the hit american TV shot the bachelorette season 15. Other things you should know about her are that she was born on 1st February 1982 and will play an important role in the next season of the TV show the bachelor. She had been in a relationship with Ricky Hendrick before he passed away in a plane crash and a month after his passing away she got the news that she was about to give birth to their daughter.


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She was only 18 years old at that time. Presently she lives in Charlotte, NC.

Emily Maynard is quite good looking and when you usually look good media and other people start speculating whether that is because of a plastic surgery procedures or not and speculations about Emily Maynard going under knife also had their share of space. It is speculated that besides her cosmetic procedures, she did an extensive cardio session on her Concept2 D Rowing machine, to tone up for her upcoming movies. So has Emily Maynard gone under the knife or is the speculation all false is the question most people seem to ask.


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Emily Maynard Plastic surgery procedures

Now there are a lot of rumours going around surrounding Emily Maynard and when you are such a famous TV star such rumours are always expected to rise. People have gone to compare older images of hers to the newer ones and come to the conclusion that her nose looks quite different. They speculate that she might have undergone a bulbous nostril rhinoplasty.

In case you don’t know what a rhinoplasty is note that this is the procedure performed to alter the shape of the nose and is more commonly known as the nose job.

People have speculated that her breasts look larger than before suggesting that she may have undergone breast augmentation. Some people also speculate that her looks are way to perfect suggesting that she may have had filler injected to her face in order to make her lips appear better.

Emily-Maynard-Before-And-After-Plastic-Surgery-PhotosWhen you read so much about these speculations it is hard to ignore them but keep in mind that believing them is not the right way to go about.

Though these rumours may be true it is important that you remember that Emily Maynard is not very old and the changes in body and face can also be due to natural processes like growing up and there is good chance that she might have not undergone any procedure at all.

Apart from these natural causes certain other causes can also create the difference like the lighting when the photography was taken, the dress she is wearing, the colour of her clothes, her hairstyle etc. can all make her appear differently in images.

So don’t forget to consider these factors before you jump to a conclusion about her having undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. So till the time there is no confirmation about these rumours people will keep questioning as to whether Emily Maynard has undergone a plastic surgery or not.

Breast Actives Review – Everything you need to know about it!

imagesFor many women size of their breast is very important because it depicts their feminity and can affect their confidence. That is why women with small breasts often consider doing just about anything to increase the size of their breasts. For such women there is an all-natural breast enhancement supplement called as Breast Actives that claims to enhance the bust size, improve their firmness and lift up the breasts.


But how true are these claims? Well, you can find everything you need to know about Breast Actives and then you can make your own decision about this product.


What is Breast Actives?

Breast Actives is a natural breast enhancement supplement which is safe and very effective. It is a three step program. i.e the Breast Active program consist of three things, pills, cream and exercise program. There is an exercise program guide included within the package; also there is a guide that tells about the technique of massaging while applying cream on your breasts. Massage and exercise are very simple to do and can be done by yourself easily at home.

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How To Use Breast Actives?

As mentioned above Breast Actives is a 3-step program, these steps have to be implemented to get the best results.

  1. Take one tablet each day with water after the first meal of the day.
  2. Apply cream on your breasts and massage it properly. It is advisable to massage cream after the hot shower or bath for maximum effect, as the pores are most open at that time.
  3. Follow the breast enhancement exercise program and diet recommendations.

Women who are consistent with these guidelines seem to have attained the best results from using this supplement. You will have to understand that this breast enhancement supplement is not going to work over night and you will have to give it some time to work. It usually takes 2-3 months to show noticeable changes and at least 6 months to get the best results.

images (2)

Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Breast Actives uses all natural herbal ingredients to make this supplement. These herbs and other natural ingredients have gone through many clinical trials and have been scientifically proven to be effective in safely enhancing the breasts.

All the herbs used in both pills and cream are considered to be hormonally active. That means they are rich in phytoestrogen which is plants derived oestrogen. When this phytoestrogen enters the body it mimics “oestrogen”, which is a female sexual hormone responsible for breast development at puberty stage. Perhaps this is the reason why Breast Actives is so effective I increasing the size of the breast.

Breast Actives also claims to improve the contour of breasts and make them firmer. Due to lack of scientific evidence to support these claims, we decided to look at anecdotal evidence, so we talked to many women who have used it and asked them “has it worked?” and the answers was “yes”. Women who have used this supplement have reported that Breast Active program has not only increased the size of their breasts but also has improved the shape their breasts and have made them firmer.

Based on scientific evidence and user’s reviews, we can say that breast active really seems to work by helping women to naturally enhance the size and shape of their breasts. This product is not only very effective it is also very safe and actually good for health due to its high quality clinically tested natural ingredients and does not cause any side effects.

Brestrogen Review

It doesn’t matter how perfect the breasts are every woman in the world wants breasts that are slightly bigger, slightly firmer and just a little higher; after all the breasts are considered as a sign of feminine beauty. That is the reason women always look for options to enhance their breasts.

Breast enhancement

Earlier, there used to be very few options for breast enhancement and the most popular among them was breast enhancement surgery which is a very expensive procedure and has many risks involved. With advancement in this field some new methods of breast enhancement have been evolved over the time. One of the best and safest ways to enhance breast is Brestrogen cream which is a natural product made of herbs from all around the world.

Breakdown on Brestrogen

Brestrogen targets three areas of the breasts that women want to change the most – size, firmness and shape. All these benefits provide women with that added self-esteem that can change their attitude.

It’s formulated by natural herbal ingredients which make it very safe, healthy and side effects free.


This product is not only safe but also very effective. Users have often reported a significant increase in size by one cup in just six weeks. You can obtain an increase by two cups if you continue using this product for five to six months. Obviously, it’s not going to produce quick results like surgery because it is a safe and natural process, so give it some time to work.

There’s no complicated consumption method of using Brestrogen, simply apply the cream on your breast 2 times a day, daily and massage it over your breasts for five minutes..

Manufacturers provide a 45 day guarantee that means you can claim your money back if you don’t see any results. This reflects the confidence of manufacturers in this product.

How Does Brestrogen Work?


Brestrogen is developed using high quality, natural and very powerful herbal ingredients that aid the process of breast enhancement. Since it’s an all-natural product there are no side- effects caused by it.

Most important ingredient of Brestrogen cream which is responsible for growth of the breast is Pueraria Mirifica.  It is native to Thailand and has been proven for many years to develop the breast’s ducts and for boosting the growth of fatty tissue and ligaments in the breast, which results in lifting up of the breasts. This herb is also known for enhancing the libido in both men and women.

Pueraria Mirifica is rich in “phytoestrogens”. Phytosetrogen are compounds which when enters the body acts like estrogen that is a hormone which triggers the growth of breasts at puberty. To put it in simple words “phytosetrogen” increases the blood flow in the breast, this encourages the breast tissue to grow.


Brestrogen is the best alternative of breast enhancement surgery, though it takes little more time in the breast enhancement process, it promisingly delivers the results in a very safe and natural way. it should also be noted that it is very economical as compared to insanely expensive surgery.

With so many positive reviews from women from all around the world, we recommend you Brestrogen cream if you want fuller perkier and firmer breasts.